Professor Sergiy Sitko

Dear Sirs!

Quantum medicine is based on the notions of a new direction in science, called physics of the alive. In accordance with these views, the hereditary information of the organism, i.e. its formation and constant maintenance of functioning, realize by creating the intermediate structures, electromagnetic scheme, drawings, on which is built the body. This scheme is very stable, as is the coherent laser type field in millimeter range of electromagnetic waves.

Therefore, in normal situations, outside intervention is not required; body is repairing itself, comparing with the scheme in the cases of wounds, fractures, etc. If for some reasons the scheme is deformed, this deformation will be elaborated at the level of the body, that is, people will get sick, and external intervention (treatment) are meaningless.

Deformation of the scheme is on the quantum-mechanical level, and for restore health it needs to restore symmetry scheme. This is the quantum medicine does, using technologies developed in other areas of fundamental physics. The intensity of the exposure is smaller in hundreds of billions times than anything that is still used in medicine. On the one hand, it provides 100% guarantee absence of undesirable side effects, but, on the other hand, places high demands on the equipment, which must be regular monitoring of the devices of quantum medicine.

For beyond my competence reasons the control and preventive testing of equipment do not exist on a large scale. So many devices that are sold (at least those who came to us for review) have parameters that are inconsistent with my requirements, and cannot be considered as sets of quantum medicine.

Worst of all, their power of output frequencies can be in the tens of thousands of times more than energy quanta of mm-range, and it can leave to undesirable side effects.

Therefore, I do not recommend to arrange home therapy with "quantum medicine apparatus" and if you have a need to verify and restore your scheme (or scheme of your loved ones), sign up to me on the interview (+38-044-2346751), or contact the administrator by phone 093-7373400.

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Prof. S. P. Sitko