Professor Sergiy Sitko

Professor Sergiy Sitko.

Honoured Scientist of Ukraine (1992) Chevalier of Belgium (Merite de Linvention N1079 12.11.1990) President of Association of Ukrainian Medical Physics President of International Charity Fund of Sergiy Sitko Member of Ukrainian Technological Academy Member of Ukrainian Biophysical Society Founder of Physics of the Alive the new trend of Science and Quantum Medicine and its technologies: Microwave Resonance Therapy (MRT) and Sitko-MRT. There are registrations of patents in Ukraine, Russia, USA, China. Author of more, than 200 articles and of 3 scientific books. Scientific interests: Nuclear Physics (Neutron Physics, Spectroscopy, Quantum Mechanics, Theory of Nucleus); Physics of the Alive; Quantum Medicine.

Founder (in 1993) and Chief Editor of Scientific Journal "Physics of the Alive", referred by Chemical Abstracts. In 2010 professor Sitko handed the edition over to Kyiv National Shevchenko University.

  • 1936 on 1st of April he was born in Kiev;
  • 1953-1958 student of Physical Department of Kiev Shevchenko University
  • 1958-1980 Assistant Professor of Kiev State Shevchenko University
  • 1980- 1986 -- Professor of Nuclear Physics in Kiev State Shevchenko University
  • 1986-1991 -- Head of Temporary Scientific Collective Vidhuk
  • 1991-1995 -- Director of Scientific Research Center of Physics of the Alive and Microwave Resonanse Therapy Vidhuk, attached to Cabinet of Ministries of Ukraine
  • 1995-2008 Director of Scientific Research Center of Quantum Medicine Vidhuk of Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine
  • 1990 Nomination on Nobel Prize in Physics and Medicine by Nobel prize-winner, Academician M Basov
  • 2000 Second address to Nobel Prize Committee with offer by Kiev National Shevchenko University to nominate professor Sitko on Nobel Prize in Physics and Medicine
  • 2008 Director of Institute of Physics of the Alive
  • July 6, 2020 Sergei Panteleimonovich Sitko died at the age of 85

The prize-winner of International award by Brothers Karic foundation of 2013 year in nomination scientific researches for creation and elaboration of Quantum Medicine. The details could be seen in subdivision Awards.

Conversation Sergiy Sitko with V.G. Budanov, April 21 2013(video, in russian, 87 min.)