Professor Sergiy Sitko



Preface by Editor

The book is a collection of scientific works by professor Sergiy Sitko dedicated to Quantum Physics of the Alive and Quantum Medical Science. The problems of these subjects were the objects of his scientific inquiries during the last four decades of his life. Sergiy Sitko became a doctor habilitus in 1980 in the field of experimental nuclear physics. It was precisely his erudition as a physicist that allowed him to see the premises of these new trends in the extraordinary resonant reaction of human organism to the influence of electromagnetic radiation in the millimeter range, which he experimentally researched. There is no sense to recount here the entire history of the discovery, since it has already been vividly and accurately narrated by professor Sitko himself in his 2006 memoirs, devoted to the twentieth anniversary of the Scientific Centre Vidhuk which he headed. One can find it in the addenda, together with the information about Sergiy Sitkos international and local awards and copies of his invention patents (Ukraine, United States, Russia).

Scientific aspects of the discovery are detailed in the articles comprising chapter 3: The Empirical and Theoretical Background for Creation of Physics of the Alive. Chronologically, the articles are put in order from recent to earlier years, as is the case for all other chapters. The present chapter includes the articles published in Journal of Biological Physics, Dopovidi AN URSR and Doklady AN USSR. In 1993, the Centre Vidhuk began to publish its own academic journal Physics of the Alive with professor Sitko as the editor-in-chief. At the time, newly independent Ukrainian state had not yet joined the international system of ISSN indexes conferment, and I personally received the index designation for the new journal in the systems international office in Paris, bringing there the first issue (on my way back from reporting at the philosophy section of the Poincaré congress in Nancy). All other chapters include the articles that were mainly published in this journal, the academic boards of which included outstanding scientists from the fields subsumed within Physics of the Alive and Quantum Medical Science - physicists, biophysicists, biologists and medical professors.

I grouped the articles into five chapters. For those who wishes to get an understanding of the conception without a special background in mathematics it makes sense to concentrate on chapter 1: Conceptual Foundations of Physics of the Alive. There are some formulas in the articles but the matter of facts can still be understood without of them. The principles of Physics of the Alive are considered in contexts of discussing the different problems of Biology, Physics, Medical Science. They include such problems as the realization of genome in formation of live organism, the existence of alive beings as forth level of structural organization of matter (following nuclei, atoms, molecules), wholeness of living systems as a result of self-organization.

Quantum-mechanical basis of the diverse differential stability of the alive is the subject of the article of 2005, at the end of which Sergiy Sitko formulated the main trends of further researches in Physics of the Alive. The article is included in Chapter 2: Theoretical Aspects of Quantum Physics of the Alive. This chapter is intended for those who has interest in theoretical nuances in the field and their connection with theoretical fundamentals of Synergetics and Quantum Mechanics, combination of which forms basis of Physics of the Alive.

Chapter 4, Empirical Evidence in Favor of the Fundamentals of Physics of the Alive is fully dedicated to detection of non-equilibrium non-warm radiation from live organisms, which is the direct evidence of the presence of the coherent electromagnetic field of mm-range in them. This field is produced and used by organisms as the basis of their living activity as whole quantum mechanical systems. It is not primarily meant for being irradiated towards the outside. However, just as any system functioning through the use of electromagnetic fields, live organisms irradiate small part of their energy. It is precisely this weak radiation that was registered by above-background measurements of super low level signals with extra sensible devices by which engineers of Vidhuk used to check and adjust the generators of mm-radiation for medical application in quantum medicine technologies of curing diseases.

Chapter 5, Quantum Medicine Grounded on Physics of the Alive, in accordance with its title includes the articles about Physics of the Alive as the theoretical foundation for Quantum Medicine, about diseases and their treatment from the point of view of Quantum Medicine. In addition, I also included there the articles wrote by professor Sitko together with physicians to show effectiveness of treatment of certain diseases as compared with other methods of treatment.

All chapters contain the articles published in the languages in which they were originally written. If original publication was published in different languages (English, Ukrainian, Russian), all of the variants are included in the chapters. Thus one can read the articles independently from each other as the main ideas and arguments may be repeated in them. Therefore the reader will be fully informed on the subject even not knowing one of those three languages used for publication by professor Sitko.

Electronic publication of the book contains internal hyper references. As a supplement, the publication contains videos and photos about the distinguished personality of professor Sergiy Sitko, the founder of Physics of the Alive and Quantum Medicine.


Editor Iryna Dobronravova

doctor hab. in philosophy of science, professor

the Head of Chair of Philosophy and Methodology of Science

in National Shevchenko University of Kyiv