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The Future of Life and the Future of our Civilization
Edited by
Vladimir Burdyuzha
Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia

Perspectives for Quantum Medicine
Volodymyr K. Magas
Departament de Física Teorica, Universitat de Valencia, C. Dr. Moliner 50,
E-46100, Burjassot (Valencia), Spain.
Volodymyr. Magas@ific. uv. es
Quantum Medicine (QM) and more generally Physics of the Alive is based on the definition of the Alive as a fourth level of quantum organization of Nature (after nuclear, atomic and molecular levels). Each living object is considered as a quantum system with its own characteristic eigenfrequencies in the mm range wavelength, formed in accordance with genome. Such a no­tion is based on some theoretical considerations as well as some experiments, which allow us both to see the effect of even a few photons of specific (resonance) frequency on the macroscopic alive object and also to mea-asure directly the radiation in the mm range from such an object. QM is using the experimental effect that the human body does not only respond to extremely low level electromagnetic radiation on the very narrow resonance frequencies - the result of such a disturbance is strongly positive! Human body can recover from many diseases (some of these cannot be effectively treated by the traditional medicine) as confirmed by clinical material. This phenomenon is called microwave resonance therapy (MRT) (discovered in 1982 by E.A. Andreev, M.Y. Belyi, S.P. Sitko [1]) and it forms a base of Quantum Medicine. The important property of QM is that MRT principally cannot cause any damage to the human body - its effect is always positive and decreasing as the body comes closer to its best shape.
At the first glance such a picture is not only in contradiction with traditional biology and medicine, but also with our common knowledge from quantum mechanics. In this paper I want to discuss the principal possibility of crea­tion of a macroscopic quantum system such as a human body and other alive organisms from the point of view of quantum mechanics. At the moment Quantum Medicine exist as a phenomenological science and Physics of Alive as a beautiful hypotheses (more philosophical than physical), which aims to explain the observed effects of the interaction of the low energy electromagnetic radiation in the mm range with alive objects. Also I am go­ing to discuss how, in my opinion, some theoretical physical modeling can
V. Burdyuzha (ed), The Future of life and the Future of Our Civilization, 321 - 334. ©2006 Springer.

Volodymyr K. Magas
be done to describe creation of such a macroscopic quantum system through generation of a laser-like coherent electromagnetic eigenfield, and which ex­perimental information would be necessary for such a modeling and for con­firmation of the discussed hypothesis in general.
If QM will be confirmed by the future studies, it will certainly become the Medicine of Third Millennium. And also it will make us rethink our ideas about the creation of Life and the evolution of Earth biosphere in general, and about perspectives for human civilization in particular. For example, the expectations from the gene engineering might be strongly overestimated.
In this paper I am going to talk about Quantum Medicine (QM), which is a medical application of the new notions about the nature of Life given by Physics of the Alive. What is the physical basis of the Physics of Alive? Nowadays we have a big set of experimental data showing that the interac­tion of the low energy electromagnetic radiation (EMR) in the mm range with alive body or single cell significantly affects its living activity. This interaction has resonance character and observed resonance in the absorp­tion spectra of the alive objects is much narrower than could be from clas­sical physics (much narrower than thermal spread should be [2]). And as a result of such an interaction even with very low energy EMR (with sepa­rate photons [3]) at the resonance frequencies of the human body (or other alive object) show some drastic effects [4]. In particular it can recover from many diseases - this effect gave the birth to the Quantum Medicine (Medical doctors Cherkasov, Nedzvetskii [5] first observed the medical ef­fect of the mm range EMR).
In this work I am neither going to discuss experimental data on the in­teraction of EMR in the mm range with alive objects, nor its medical ef­fects. Being a theoretical physicist I don't fill competent enough in this field. An interested reader can find more information and corresponding citations in the recent reviews [3, 4]. I only want to mention that the qual­ity of some of these experimental results is still questionable according to some experts in the field, for example, Yu. Babich has presented his results at this Conference.
My goal is to discuss the interpretation given to this data by the Physics of Alive from the point of view of quantum physics. Thus, I accept the ex­perimental effects listed above, as well as those, which will be discussed in the next section, as facts. Namely, 1 accept that the living object is sensi­tive to separate photons of the specific resonance frequencies in the mm

Perspectives for Quantum Medicine
range with extremely narrow width. This means that the living objects -macroscopic objects! - behave like quantum systems with characteristic energy levels. Can we understand this in some way?
We know that quantum effects sometimes can play an important role in macroscopic world - coherent laser radiation, superconductivity, zone structure of the semiconductors, Mossbauer effect etc. But this happens only under some specific conditions. Some of these we don't yet know, for example those whish allow high temperatures superconductivity. So, we cannot immediately rule out the possibility that living body or cell is a quantum system, just because it is a macroscopic object. But to justify such a statement many questions should be answered.
How does the macroscopic alive object conserve quantum properties? How is its characteristic spectrum created? The answer at the moment is -nobody knows! There are several hypotheses, but there is no really work­ing detailed theory. The most complete and most interesting idea was proposed by S.P. Sitko with co-authors, and later it was developed by them into Quantum Medicine and Physics of Alive [2,6].
Basics of the Physics of Alive and Quantum Medicine
Physics of Alive proposes the following explanation to the quantum prop­erties of the alive objects [2-3, 6-7]. Apart from the anatomic-morphological structure of the alive body14 there is also its electromagnetic 'skeleton' - coherent eigenfield with characteristic frequencies in the mm range. This field is created due to electromagnetic activity of every cell, but when created, it coordinates and synchronizes of all parts and struc­tures of the body. All the cells have one identical element - genome. It is assumed that EMR of the cell in some way reflects its genome, a since it is the same for all cells, this creates a possibility for generation of a coherent eigenfield of the body.
The existence of such a coherent electromagnetic eigenfield is a neces­sary condition for the quantum mechanical description of the macroscopic system. Can such a field really be generated? Frequencies of eigen-oscillations of cytoplasmic membranes of all living system should lie within 1010-1011 Hz, i.e. in mm range, according to estimates in [8]. Thus, a possible resonance amplification of some modes related to genome structure in the processes of DNA replication, RNA transitions, protein
14 At the moment we are talking only about multicell organisms. QM mostly operates with human body.

Volodymyr K. Magas
translation, etc. are also expected to be in this range. On the other hand, one should not forgot, that the water - main component of the alive bodies-intensively absorbs mm range EMR. Therefore in order to form coherent eigenfield the radiation intensity from each cell should exceed some threshold.
The basic technology of the Quantum Medicine is microwave resonance therapy (MRT), its latest modification is Sitko-MRT [9]. Doctors use generators with very low spectral density of EMR ~10-21 — 10-20 W/Hz • cm2 (while thermal radiation of the human body is of the order of 10-19 W/Hz•cm2) to stimulate biologically active points (BAP). These points are the same as those known in acupuncture or Ancient Chinese Medicine. Interestingly, Ancient Chinese Medicine is based on the idea of that the internal organs of man are intersected by the so-called meridians, whose external tracks are situated on the body sur­face. There are 26 meridians and most BAPs are situated just over them.
The existence of meridians (along which BAPs, used in the QM, are situated) cannot be observed by eyes or with microscope, but it can be ob­served in the mm range. The following properties of the meridians have been observed as it is summarized in [3] (again I accept these as facts).
The meridians have diameter 3-5 mm (at least near BAPs).
Refraction index inside meridian is n=l (as in atmosphere; typically for human body n = 5-6).
For the density of the external flux of ~ 10-21 — 10-20 W/Hz•cm2 BAPs completely absorb the radiation of mm range.
Then density increases to 10-19 W/Hz•cm2 or more a change of behav­ior is observed: BAPs start to reflect the radiation.
One more important experimental point: EMR of mm range has no ef­fect on a normal healthy body [10, 2, 6]. This is one of the key points in QM. We can introduce definition of the 'healthy' body. MRT stops produc­ing any effect when patient reaches the 'healthy' state.
QM gives the following quantum mechanical explanation to this effect. 'Healthy' state is a stable state of the system, a ground state in our energy level system. It corresponds to global minimum of some effective poten­tial. 'Disease' is a metastable state of the system, which corresponds to lo­cal minimum of this potential. MRT stimulates transition from metastable state first to some exited state, then cascade transition into a ground 'healthy' state, similarly as in nuclear, atomic or molecular physics. This is illustrated in Fig. 1, taking as simple example Landau-Haken potential [3].
From these positions we can find an answer to some questions, which are still unclear in the traditional biology. One is the problem of 'unneces-

Perspectives for Quantum Medicine
sary' genes: it is known that up to 98% of genes are not taking part in the standard processes of the protein production. Why do we need them? Par­ticularly took into account that the difference in genome between humans and worms is about 2%.
According to Quantum Physics of Alive the purpose of genes is not only the production of corresponding proteins, but also generation of the coher­ent electromagnetic 'skeleton'. And this seems to be a more complicated task, which involves all 100% of genome.
Another example - imagine a simple thing, which can happen with eve­ryone: you have cut a finger. We all know that, if the cut is not very deep, then in a few days it will disappear. How does this happen? Why your body is restored into exactly the same form as it was before? What controls this, very complicated in details, recovery process?
Based on the Physics of Alive the phenomenon of healing of the cut fin­ger finds the following schematic explanation. In the wound area a certain number of cells were destroyed, but electromagnetic framework - coherent eigenfield of an organism remained, since it was created by billions and billions cells of an organism. The mismatch between the structure of a co­herent field of a body (the spectrum of its characteristic eigenfrequencies describes in the universal electromagnetic language all the details of a body structure and its functioning) and the deformed morphology at the in­jured spot initiates the standard and well-known mechanisms of cells divi­sion and generation of the particular proteins just at the injured spot. These processes proceeds under control of the electromagnetic framework until the mismatch between a framework (which gives what is necessary) and morphological structure at the injured spot becomes less than sensitivity threshold of the system realizing this mechanism of communication.
We discussed the process of healing or self-cure of the body. But what can be done if the disease becomes chronic and is not cured by itself? This corresponds to the deformation of the electromagnetic framework itself. Quantum medicine is aimed to restore the electromagnetic framework of a human body. The patented technologies of diagnostics and quantum medi­cine therapy ([9], see also citations in [3]) allow to determine and eliminate deformation.15
15 Typically the course of treatment consists of 10-12 sessions, 45-70 minutes each [3]. During this time the metastable state of the framework decreases so much that not a single self-organization level can be formed here. In other words, the framework of an organism is constantly in the ground potential well.

Volodymyr K. Magas
There are to ways to put human body out of health state
To damage the body at anatomic-
Deformation of the electro-magnetic
morphological level, for example to cut the finger
framework of the body - chronic dis­ease
Some cells are destroyed, but electro­magnetic skeleton still exist, since it is created by all cell
The body is in the metastable state and cannot help itself
The mismatch between eigenfield and deformed morphology starts, controls and then stops the standard mechanism of the cell replications
MRT helps to restore the electromag­netic skeleton of a human body
After the above discussion we end up with the important conclusion, which makes QM (and its basic technology - MRT) different from the tra­ditional medicine and all the other ways of treatment I know. Quantum Medicine is absolutely harmless!16 Indeed the MRT uses radiation of such a low intensity that it cannot make any harm to the human body as to the classical system. While it influence in quantum mechanical sense is posi­tive - after the excitations system has a bigger chance to roll down to the global or at least dipper minimum, what corresponds to healthier state. If, by a chance, system is stopped in some local minimum, then patient does not feel better and the treatment will be continued. The treatment is going until MRT doesn't show any effect, what correspond, by definition, to a 'healthy' state.

Perspectives for Quantum Medicine
Fig 1a Organism's ground state (health) Fig lbOrganism's metastable stale (disease)
Landau-Haken potentialDeformed Landau-Haken potential The
V(q) - kq2/2+k1q4/4 way out of melastable state is shown (treat-
(k<0, k1>0)ment) with use ot MRT
Figure 1. Figure is from [3].
I stress once more that the QM (and more generally Physics of Alive) is still a hypothesis to explain the interaction of the low energy EMR of the mm range with alive objects. But, if it will be proven that it is true, then certainly QM will be the medicine of the 21st, 22nd and future centuries! Just due to this, in my opinion, it is worth to study and check this hypothe­sis in details, although most of the physicists disregard it immediately after hearing its basic assumption of coherent eigenfield. In this work I am try­ing to understand is the creation of such a field possible in principle from quantum-mechanical point of view.
Is where an experimental evidence of coherent eigenfield of a human body? If the picture illustrated in the Fig. 1 is true, then we should expect to see the EMR in the mm range coming from the human body - radiation during the transition of the system from excited to the ground state. A ra­diation was indeed measured - see Refs. [11]. This appeared to be a com­plicated experiment because the radiation of this type has intensity similar to that used by the MRT technology, i.e. lower than the thermal radiation.17
This experimental data support the picture of MRT quantum influence, Fig. 1, but for me it is not clear whether they can be considered as the
17 Please note that this experiment, similarly as the study of the meridians on the human body, was done by the same collaboration, which propagandizes the QM and Physics of Alive. Therefore in the strict sense this is not an independent confirmation. I did not find experimental results from other collaborations. Cer­tainly more experimental studies are required here.

Volodymyr K. Magas
experimental evidence of the existence of the coherent eigenfield of a human body in the mm range, as authors claim. I don't see the reason why the in­tensity of such a laser-like field should be so small. If all the cells of our body are constantly radiate and absorb EMR in order to form long range correlations between all the parts of our body - then such a system should radiate strongly, not at the level of separate photons. Also it was not proven in these experiments [11] that the measured radiation is coherent.
I think that the above question can be answered in the way that this ei­genfield is form in the way, that it does not exist all the time, but can be created very fast when it is needed due to some reason [12]. For example, you cut a finger as we discussed above. But, of course, such a hypothesis needs additional experimental tests. Thus, in my opinion, the present ex­perimental situation is uncertain, even taking all the published results as true facts.
There is one more very important achievement of the Physics of Alive. We might finally have found a fundamental definition of Alive and its dif­ference from non-Alive: the Alive object is a whole quantum-mechanical system with its own system of characteristic energy levels. Thus, this long­standing problem of biology might be finally solved, really on the funda­mental level, in Physics of Alive, if this beautiful hypothesis will be confirmed.
How this Coherent Electromagnetic Eigenfield can be Created?
First of all, in this section I am going to present my ideas on how to make physical modeling in Quantum Medicine and Physics of Alive. As it was discussed in the introduction a weak point of this hypothesis is theoretical description.
Everything what we discussed in the previous section about QM and Physics of Alive was about humans and probably true for other multicell organisms, although here experimental background is even more pure [12]. If this theory of Alive is true, then already a single alive cell is a whole quantum-mechanical system with its own characteristic eigenfrequencies as it required by the fundamental definition of Alive formulated above. In Ref. [4] one can find review of the experiments on the interaction of the low energy EMR in the mm range with single cell organisms (and corre­sponding citations), which can be interpreted in this way, although here experimental data are very pure and such interpretation is not very con­vincing. Multicell objects show much wider range of different reactions to

Perspectives for Quantum Medicine
the mm range EMR, and, of course, all the coherence effects discussed above, which are the subject of QM, belong to multicell organisms. But 1 simply cannot imagine how the macroscopic multicell organism can be a quantum system, if its building blocks - cells - are not (contrary to our body cells themselves do not consist of almost identical building blocks).
So, in my opinion, in order to be able to create a coherent electromag­netic eigenfield of our body, we should start with the assumption that each alive cell is a quantum-mechanical system with its own eigenfrequencies. Of course, cell is also a macroscopic object - how is it created as a quan­tum-mechanical system? Well, I don't know. But I don't know either how it is created, even if it is not a quantum-mechanical system. Did I loose too much? Is it easier to imagine that DNA and cell with all its mechanisms is created by a chance than that some macroscopic object can have quantum properties? We cannot say we know all the possible conditions to see quantum effects in macro-world. At least, until we do not understand how Bose condensation happens in high-T superconductors.
So, I assume that each cell of the alive body is quantum-mechanical sys­tem with its own eigenfrequencies. This eigenfrequencies in some way re­flect the genome of the given organism, and therefore are equal for all the cells in the same body. Then the multicell organism in the first approxima­tion can be modeled as a homogeneous infinite matter consistent of the identical cells. Later the model can be improved to account for the particu-la? anatomic-morphological structure. Similar type of modeling is success­fully used in nuclear physics even nowadays - in the first approximation nuclei are homogeneous and infinite and consist of identical nucleons.
Since cells in our body are constantly staying together - they are bound in some way. This is primary done by chemical electromagnetic forces. But being bound is not enough for system to shown quantum properties. Earth and Sun are also bound by gravitational force. We can solve Schrod-inger equation for this system, similarly as for the hydrogen atom, but due to macroscopic masses of this objects distance between energy levels will be so small, that for any practical purpose the spectrum will be continuous. Therefore in order to form a quantum system our macroscopic cells cannot be bound in some effective one-cell potential as nucleons do in the nu­cleus.
We should search for some other way to form an overall quantum sys­tem and what is proposed in QM is laser-like system. In such an approach our cells should form a working body of the alive-laser, similarly as mole­cules form working body of an ordinary laser. Let us discuss very briefly which conditions for coherent light generation are necessary. Here I will basically follow [13].

Volodymyr K. Magas
An atom or molecule (we discuss now ordinary lasers) can emit a photon via spontaneous emission or stimulated emission. Atoms and mole­cules in excited states randomly emit single photons in all directions ac­cording to statistical rules via spontaneous emission. In the process of stimulated emission, a photon of energy hv perturbs an excited atom or molecule and causes it to relax to a lower level, emitting a photon of the same frequency, phase, and polarization as the perturbing photon. Stimu­lated emission is the basis for photon amplification and it is the fundamen­tal mechanism underlying all laser action.
Consider the simple case of a two-level system with lower level 1 of energy E1 and upper level 2 of energy E2. Let N1 be the number density of atoms in level 1 and N2 be the number density in level 2. Let u(vl2) be the energy density per unit frequency interval of the light at the fre­quency vl2 = (E2 - E1)/h. The rate of spontaneous emission is independ­ent of u(vl2) and proportional to N2.
Rspon.emis.=AN2 .        (1)
The rate of stimulated emission depends on w(v12) and can be written as
Rstim.emis.=B21u(vl2)N2 .        (2)
The absorption rate also depends on u(vl2) :
Rabsorb= B12u(vl2)N1 .        (3)
The proportional coefficients A, Bl2, and B21 are called the Einstein coefficients. It can be shown [13] B21 = Bl2 =B, since the quantum me­chanical treatment of stimulated emission is similar to that of absorption. In thermal equilibrium the probabilities that states 1 and 2 are occupied are proportional to the Boltzmann factors exp(—E1/kT) and exp(—E2/kT). respectively, and u(v) is given by Plank's law,
u(v) = 8πhv 1 .                  (4)
c3 exp(hv/kT)-1
Where: T is the temperature of the atoms or molecules. In equilibrium the probability of up transitions must exactly balance the probability of down transitions:
Rspon.emis.+.Rstim.emis. = Rabsorb        (5)
What leads to the following relation:
A = B8πhv3         (6)

Perspectives for Quantum Medicine
We can study the ratio of stimulated and spontaneous emissions:
Rspon.emis. = 1 .          (7)
Rstim.emis. exp(hv/kT)-1
In the ordinary lasers this ratio is much smaller than 1, since hv >> kT, while for the quanta in the mm range it is quite opposite: at the room temperature hv/kT ~ 0.01 and correspondingly Rstim.emiss / Rspon.emiss. ~100. In the papers devoted to QM and Physics of Alive (see for example [3]) eq. (7) it is considered as giving strong support for the idea of coherent eigenfield of human body. But is this really a condition, which would allow laser action? No, the real criterion for laser action is defined by the competition not between stimulated and spontaneous emissions, but between emission and absorption.
In thermal equilibrium N1 > N2. Correspondingly, a resonant photon is more likely to be absorbed than to stimulate emission. But if N2 > N1 there is a possibility of average overall amplification for an array of pho­tons passing through the system. This situation is called population inver­sion. Spontaneous emission depletes N2 at a rate proportional to A, pro­ducing unwanted photons with random phases, propagation directions, and polarizations. Because of loss associated with spontaneous emission and other losses associated with the laser cavity, each laser is characterized by a minimum value of N2 - N1= Nthres called the inversion threshold. Only if N2 - N1> Nthres we can see a laser action. Recall that in our situation of an alive body we have to overcome the water absorption of the mm range EMR, so Nthres should be large. In the ordinary lasers the external pump­ing is used to produce a population inversion. What can be the reason for it in the multicell organisms?
I my opinion one should be very careful, when trying to apply above eqs. (1-7), which are true in the micro-world, to the processes in macro-world. They should be rather considered as guidance for what we want to achieve in order to obtain coherent EMR in our system of cells, but the ex­act treatment of the stimulated and spontaneous emission mechanisms, as well as of the absorption should be completely different.
The good example to feel the difference between micro and macro world is a temperature. In our case, when the coherent radiation should be emitted by cells, one cannot use the room temperature ~ 300K as Tcell. In order to use temperature in principle, we assume that our radiation is in the thermal equilibrium with the heat reservoir, given in our case by the sys­tem of cells. This means that the temperature of radiation is the same as

Volodymyr K. Magas
temperature of cells.18 But what is the temperature of the cells? Tempera­ture is our way to parameterize thermal motion, kT/2 is the energy per degree of freedom. But cells are macroscopic objects, they are not taking part in Brownian motion or in vibrations, as molecules in the crystal grids do. From this point of view they all are at rest and they should have an ef­fective temperature Tcell =0
On the other hand, cells are complicated objects with lots of internal de­grees of freedom and internal energy resources. Therefore stimulated emission and absorption do not have to given by similar expressions, as in eqs. (2) and (3). For example, it is easy to imagine a cell, which from time to time absorbs the resonant photon, being already in the exited state, and then redistributes energy into motion of some its internal components, in­stead of always going through the spontaneous emission. Note that since cell has complicated internal structure its stimulated emission and absorp­tion may, in general, depend on the external conditions, which have noth­ing to do with EMR. Similarly, since cells have internal energy resources the population inversion can, in principle, be achieved without external ra­diation - for example, cells might go into excited state, using their internal energy, because of some chemical signal. This may happen, for example, in the vicinity of the cut on your finger, creating thus favorable conditions for generation of the coherent EMR. Of course, this is just a principle pos­sibility.
I don't know how the population of the cells on different energy levels can be calculated, how to estimate emission and absorption rates, etc. But these can be measured experimentally. And only after we have these data, we can discuss whether conditions for the coherent EMR generation are satisfied in the human body and other multicell organisms. Actually, if co­herent field can indeed be formed in the system, then the best experimental proof, in my opinion, would be to build a bio-laser. This can be done on the completely phenomenological level, like all the QM, without knowing
18 One may also ask whether cells in our body can form a heat reservoir, which in principle should be infinite, since number of cells (~1013) is many orders of magnitude smaller than NAvogadro ~ 1023. In the simulations of heavy ion colli­sions thermal distributions describe the spectra of the produced particles surpris­ingly well (see for example [14]) although the total number of produced particles is of the order of 102 —104 . The reason for this is still unclear. In my opinion, 1013 is large enough number to safely apply canonical ensemble description, and the fact that cells are macroscopic objects supports this statement, since it is less likely that the radiation can influence their state.

Perspectives for Quantum Medicine
precisely all above details. Possibly the bio-laser will be easier to build us­ing the same techniques as in ordinary laser: external inducing EMR, reso­nators, if needed; just the working body should be formed by some biotissue.
Perspectives for Quantum Medicine
As we have seen in the previous sections the existence of the coherent electromagnetic eigenfield of the multicell body, what forms the basis of the QM and Physics of Alive, is not really in contradiction with our knowledge in quantum mechanics and in other fields of physics. But the present experimental data do not show any clear evidence of its existence. In my opinion this is only possible if each single cell of the body is a mac­roscopic quantum system. There is lots of work for the experimentalists in this field. So, the question whether Quantum Medicine is just beautiful hy­potheses or really a Medicine of the Third Millennium is still open.
Just imagine for a second that it is really true. Then the perspectives for Quantum Medicine are enormous. Absolutely harmless medicine, which allows us to talk with our body on its own language of mm range electro­magnetic quanta... This will make us change completely our view on medical treatment and future of the medicine.
And not only that! We will also know (at least one) fundamental differ­ence between Alive and non-Alive. Certainly, this will affect our ideas about the creation of the Life on the Earth and, more generally, in our Uni­verse.
According to Quantum Medicine the genes are responsible more for the electromagnetic skeleton of the Alive organism than for the production of proteins. So, the effect of mutations may be not only on the anatomic-morphological level, they can affect the eigenfield of the organism. This will change our view of the Evolution. And also our expectations from gene engineering may not come out, or at least not as soon as expected. According to QM, it is much more difficult to add, replace or modify genes than we have thought so far. Maybe because of this most of geneti­cally modified species are not reproductive and have other defects. So, it is possible that we will need to decode human genome once more, keeping in mind coherent eigenfield of the human body.

Volodymyr K. Magas
I acknowledge fruitful discussions with Yu. Babich during this Confer­ence.
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